The Grand Optimist


"It's been a long road, so many souls sold. Living for possessions in a world of obsessions. I heard she craves spirit and the gods crave matter. That gave disaster, chaos, the laughter."

The only time “boys will be boys” was ever uttered about me by my parents was when I was 8 and I was getting dirt all over myself. Maybe I was just raised properly, but it’s never an excuse to treat a woman like she doesn’t have a choice in the matter.


I’m just going to leave these right here.
Check it out. The new itaco. Comes with broken shards of touch screen glass cooked right in.

My little Sophia will be here in right around 4 months. I’m so fucking excited.

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If you could herp…


…would you derp??

How much herp would a herpderp derp if a herpderp could derp herp?

It’s a girl, everyone!


Katy Perry and Riff Raff are style twins tbh

Both deserve to be punched for reasons other than just this.

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Star Wars Lightsaber