The Grand Optimist

Reese. Tennessee.

"It's been a long road, so many souls sold. Living for possessions in a world of obsessions. I heard she craves spirit and the gods crave matter. That gave disaster, chaos, the laughter."

Wake the fuck up and stop fucking up the only home we have. How about we leave our vehicles running inside of the homes of the auto industry and see if they want to live the poisonous atmosphere it creates.


Is there any chance you yourself are a time traveller?


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is that sarah jessica parker

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Reblog if you’ve seen Bassnectar live!

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I have a little one on the way!

Someone buy and gift me a copy of watch dogs on steam. Please?


So true on so many levels. If it wasn’t for my friend introducing me to Lorin’s music, I honestly have no idea what kind of person I would be to this day.
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